The Cuba Consortium assembles, informs, and advises Americans interested in the normalization process, and examines and reports on developments in U.S.-Cuba policy. The Consortium does not lobby either government but informs members, educates the public, and contributes to the debate to bridge the gap between opposing views.

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Meet Our Advisory Board

The Cuba Consortium is guided by an Advisory Board consisting of former officials, subject matter experts, and international business leaders.

Rob Wilder, Co-founder and CEO
William Weldon
The Honorable Wes Ward, Secretary
The Honorable Ellen O'Kane Tauscher
Senator Olympia Snowe
Vince Ruddy
Thomas W. Ross
Ted Piccone, Senior Fellow, Latin America Initiative
Frederic V. Malek, Chairman
Janet Napolitano, President
Dr. William LeoGrande, Professor of Government
Linda Klein
Senator Bob Kerrey
Maurice R. Greenberg, Chairman and CEO
Dr. Victor Dzau, President
Senator Tom Daschle, Founder & CEO
Helene D. Gayle, CEO
Richard C. Blum, Chairman of Management Committee
Sheila P. Burke, Strategic Advisor
Senator William Frist
Rodney Ferguson, President & CEO
Lon Augustenborg
Senator Nancy Landon Kassebaum
Senator Byron L. Dorgan
Tomás Díaz de la Rubia
Advisory Board