Mr. Augustenborg just completed a 35-year career in the CIA’s Clandestine Service which included nine field assignments on four continents.  His principal focus had been in Russia, Southeast Asia and Latin America. He has developed an especially good network of contacts and current, first-hand expertise on Cuba.  Throughout his CIA career, Mr. Augustenborg worked closely with numerous foreign partners providing training, assistance, and leadership of joint programs. He still maintains many of these valuable international contacts and has maintained close working relationships with a wide-range of US-based companies.  

During his exceptional CIA career, Mr. Augustenborg developed additional expertise on such subjects as counterintelligence (protecting one’s security), the global cyber threat, international terrorism, and risk mitigation best-practices in those disciplines. Prior to entering the CIA, Mr. Augustenborg was a Los Angeles Police Officer with assignments in the LAPD’s Intelligence Division, Public Affairs, and multiple uniform divisions working felony crimes